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Address : Office No.2, First Floor Areej Arcade

Phone : 0092-300-8558529

Shakeel Ahmad Publications

China at 75

Warlord Public Diplomacy

President Xi Jinping Vision of New World Order

Global Development Initiative and Agenda 2030

China: Economy and Economic Relation in New Era

China: International Relation in New Era

Re-conceptualization of Cities: Spatially Hybrid Urbanization

Pakistan Economic Agenda 2047

Eco-civilization Chinese Vision of Prosperity

Diplomacy through Shared Prosperity

Governance and Development Model of China

Gap Analysis National Security Policy 2022

President Xi Vision of Eco Civilization

Human to Non-Human Security Threat and Relevance of Leadership with Imagination

21st Century Global Order: Factors Behind Change

Food Security in Afghanistan

A Road Map to Implement Second Phase of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

The Chinese Governance System and Development Model: Lessons for Pakistan

Eco-Civilization and China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Opportunities and Challenges for Pakistan

Poverty Alleviation Model of China and Lessons for Pakistan

Turkey’s Vision 2023 and Changing Dynamics

China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Changing Dynamics of Global Power Structure and Policy Options for Pakistan

Policy Discourse Analysis-Pakistan

Institutional Arrangements for Climate Change in Pakistan

Climate Change and National Security

A Profile of Pakistan’s Development Status and Green Economy in Pakistan

Climate Change and National Security

National Economic and Environment Development Study

A Review of National Action Plan

National Security Policy: Where We Stand? A review of NISP

South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) And Implications For Pakistan

State of Food Security in Pakistan and Policy Options

Effects of Unemployment Rural Youth On Rural Development

Co-author of "Technical Paper for UNDP on Agriculture, Livestock, Food Security and Development

Green Growth and Technological Innovation: A case for South Asian countries

Co-author of working paper on "Food Security: Where we are (current status) and where we want to go (Way forward)", for Parliament of Pakistan

Climate Change Negotiations: Civil Society Perspective

Linkages between Trade, Development and Poverty Reduction – Experience from Pakistan

Contributing Author of Climate Change in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas The State of Current Knowledge

Basic Statistics of Sample Survey Data

Structural Imbalances in Global Governance System

Punjab Economic Report, 2007

Policy And Institutional Mapping , For Small-Scale Producers’ Participation In , Dynamic Markets In Pakistan

Sustainable Development Policy Institute

China Pakistan Economic Corridor – A Chinese Dream Being Materialized Through Pakistan